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FAQ's About AY Groups

What is the ideal number of people in an AY Group?

We have found 5-15 people to be ideal, but even two works.

Can I co-host a group?

Of course! Pair up with a friend, neighbor, etc.

Does the group always have to be hosted in the leader’s home?

No. It can be hosted by any of the members of the group.

Does it matter when the group meets?

No. Some groups are on Shabbos and others are at different times. Do what works best for your group.

Can I combine this with another group (i.e. tehillim)?


Do I have to serve refreshments when I host the group at my home?

A pitcher of water is nice, but nothing more is necessary.

I am unable to lead or attend AY Group lessons. Are there other ways I can get involved in the AY Project?

Yes, of course!

  • You can sign up for regular emails with spiritual growth "stretches" (exercises).
  • Sponsor a lesson in honor of a simcha, yartzheit, segulah, etc.
  • Call into our weekly teleconferece AY Group lesson. (contact us for details)
  • There are many volunteer opportunites. Please contact us for more information.

More Questions? We've Got Answers

If you have any other questions, or need additional support, please feel free to contact:
US: (301) 237-7306
Israel: (054) 559-2942