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The Ahavas Yisrael Project is an exciting initiative that is spreading like wildfire throughout the Jewish world. We invite you to be apart of it. Its purpose is to create a worldwide awareness, among Jewish women, of our obligation to love and respect every Jew, by reinforcing the knowledge that all Jews are connected and responsible for one another.

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Decide on the best day, time and location for your AY Group.


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Start A Group


Invite friends, relatives and neighbors using the AY Project website, phone, email or flyer.  You can send our Welcome Letter or use as a template to put into your own words. Print lesson of the week from website before the class and you’re ready to go!

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Find a group whose location and time are convenient for you. Search below to locate a group you would like to join.


Once you have found a group that is convenient for you, send a request to join – The Group Leader will respond with Group meeting information.

Can't find an AY Group for you?

1) Start your own group – it’s easy! Click here to start a group
2) Call and join our international Teleconference groups which meet weekly.
3) Check us out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and join 1000’s of fellow Jews performing an AY “Stretch of the week”

Teleconference Information

When: Thursdays
Time: 9:00pm EST – for 25 minutes
Call In Phone #: 712 432 0075 Access Code 804425#
Playback Phone #: 712 432 1085 Access Code 804425#

FAQ's About AY Groups

What is the ideal number of people in an AY Group?

We have found 5-15 people to be ideal, but even two works.

Can I host a group with a friend?

Of course!

Does the group always have to be hosted in the leader’s home?

No. It can be hosted by any of the members of the group.

Does it matter when the group meets?

No. Some groups are on Shabbos and others are at different times. Do what works best for your group.

Can I combine this with another group (i.e. Tehillim group)?


Do I have to serve refreshments when I host the group at my home?

A pitcher of water is nice, but nothing more is necessary.

What should I do if I am unable to login to my account?

You can request a new password or contact us if you are still having trouble.

What do I do when our group has finished all the material?

Ideally, start and lead a new group. Or please see our list of reading resources and continue discussing topics that may be of particular interest to your current group.

I am unable to lead or attend AY Group lessons. Are there other ways I can get involved in the AY Project?


More Questions? We've Got Answers

If you have any other questions, or need additional support, please feel free to contact us.

US: (301) 237-7306 --
Israel: (054) 559-2942 --

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